Baller Sampler 19 mm ,95cm

รหัสสินค้า : tvc070650564


0.00 THB

ราคารวม 0.00 THB

Baller Sampler 19 mm, 95cm

  • Full teflon constructions copes with all chemicals inclusive acids, lyes
  • Can cope with hot liquids
  • Transparent so easy judgement of contents
  • Slow sorption (loss) of volatiles
  • Perfect both for wells as well as tank sampling
  • High density of teflon assures sinking even in concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Two diameter (19 and 35 mm) to cope with most wells
  • 35 mm version with optional emptying device
  • No threaded connections; smooth parts assure easy cleaning with wipers
  • Two reels available; 12.16.45 for use with max 10 m of cable, 12.16.47 for use with more cable
  • Can be combined with 5 or 25 m teflonized cable or stainless steel cables or (disposable) thick fish nylon wire.
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